Our Approach

Why is TEAMWORK so important?

Our Strategic Business Unit (SBU) Managers have extensive experience serving clients from a variety of industries. Together, we work to provide you with the strongest combination of brawn and business savvy. It’s how we help you achieve your recruitment goals that makes us different, while considering your budget all day, every day.

Knowing that “two heads are better than one,” we research and provide the most effective personnel recruiting advertising strategies that will give you the advantage in the marketplace. You’ll get that qualified hire a place in your company – and keep him or her.

Communication is key, teamwork is essential, the time is now.

Our winning approach involves:

  • Assigning a personal SBU Manager, Newspaper & Media Specialist, account coordinator and an entire team of the best creative talents in the industry
  • Taking a proactive approach to researching and developing new strategies
  • Providing the most effective personal recruiting advertising approach
  • Presenting a single, concise and detailed invoice for all media placement and other agency service fees on a weekly basis
  • Working with field associates and recruiters to understand regional needs, trends or opportunitie
  • Producing a weekly review of prior weeks' placements and results, while making any needed adjustments or recommendations